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Battery Producer Number: BPRNO4898

  • Ideal for demanding environments with unstable AC power
  • Will work and can be charged down to -40°C
  • Will operate up to +65°C hence longer service life
  • Low gassing (IEC 60896-21/22)
  • Can be stored up to 2 years with no additional charging
  • 1500 cycles – 80% DOD
  • Battery can be fully discharged to 0V and still fully recover (no need for LVD)
  • Sealed construction – no leakage
  • 12 years float live at 20°C | 10 years at 30°C | 7½ years at 40°C
  • Front terminal options
  • High quality lead plates (99.97% pure lead)
  • Lead Crystal® battery technology allows for high-rate discharge up to 10c
  • 3 year warranty

The Lead Crystal® battery is a form-fit-function battery designed to replace standard VRLA batteries or GEL batteries where greater longer lasting performance is demanded particularly when extreme temperatures are present.

Our Lead Crystal® batteries are suitable for a multitude of end applications, including but not limited to UPS battery & Energy Storage batteries with the EVFJ range of cyclic batteries designed for high current and fast discharge applications i.e. electric vehicles/golf carts/mobility scooters, hence the cyclic battery offers fast recharge.

UPS batteries are historically 5 year design life in temperatures between 0°C and 20°C but when situated in higher or colder temperatures then the life of standard batteries is greatly reduced, which is where the high operating temperature battery comes into its own.

The extreme conditions battery addresses the above issues by lasting 6 times longer at 40°C and is designed to be a low maintenance battery thus reducing routine inspection man hours and overall long term replacement costs.

Our battery is also manufactured to function as a deep cycle battery returning 3 – 7 x longer life depth of discharge (DoD) compared to other battery manufacturers published data.

Deep cycle batteries outperform the standard cyclic battery and provide 1500 cycles at 80% – double the best in class GEL battery and triple the best in class lead acid battery.

Due to the construction of the Crystal® batteries the crystals within the battery will not freeze and will not dry out as quickly as wet batteries resulting in a battery which offers a much longer service life.

In summary Crystal® batteries are used in a great many applications that require a good quality battery to provide unlimited and reliable power for many years.

The Benefits of Lead Crystal®

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