About Us

Harland Simon Power Solutions has confidently been using Lead Crystal® batteries in its UPS power protection systems since 2012 and was the first company in the UK to start importing and reselling the new Lead Crystal® battery technology from the manufacturer (Betta Batteries) as a standalone product.

Harland Simon UPS began 20 years ago as a small operation embedded within Harland Simon PLC.  Three years later, Harland Simon UPS Ltd. was born and relocated from Bletchley to Stony Stratford with a start-up staff of four to sell, design and manufacture the UPS systems.

In the years following, the company has steadily grown in numbers and although still relatively small,  is recognised as a leading UK UPS manufacturer providing cutting edge power protection systems primarily for extreme temperature environments.

By exchanging normal lead acid batteries with Lead Crystal® batteries, Harland Simon UPS systems can withstand harsh environments and temperatures varying from -40°C to +65°C. Harland Simon now fits the Lead Crystal® battery into its Harland ProtectUPS® rugged UPS systems as well as selling to many other customers who demand the highest level of battery protection.

As the company has matured, so has the list of products and services it provides. As a result, in 2008, Harland Simon UPS returned home to its original Bletchley site to make use of the larger facilities. With the latest addition of Lead Crystal® batteries, the customer is assured of quality products that will continue to outperform standard UPS and lead acid products for years to come.

Andy Parfitt, Sales Director


Andy Parfitt has been Sales Director for Harland Simon Power Solutions since 1998 and oversees all sales and marketing activities.

Andy brings over 20 years’ experience of Technical Sales to his role, with a background of working for a number of UPS and signalling companies.

Starting his career as an apprentice at Marconi Instruments and gaining an HNC in electro-communications Engineering, Andy has developed an extensive bank of knowledge and a deep understanding of customers’ unique requirements that he brings to his role at Harland Simon UPS.

Scott Billson, Business Development


Scott Billson has been working within the power industry since the early 90’s working with most of the major OEM’s along with more specialised partners, enabling him to offer varied power solutions to meet the customers’ needs.

Scott is always looking to develop new products for new applications and enjoys the challenges of achieving this.

The Lead Crystal® battery business development is the latest project Scott can get his teeth into. The potential for the battery market is vast and Scott is confident that it will be well received by the end users of lead acid batteries.